László Busa Autobiography 

Life is art, painted by those who live it.

When I was quite young one of my teachers noticed my ability and encouraged to take further art training. Born and raised in Hungary, I was able to work under several well-known artist. I attended an art school and joined an artistic artist club where training was intense. It was during this time that I developed an interest in painting museum replicas.

Over the last 35 years, my work has attracted buyers in Hungary, Germany, Austria, Australia, and France, as well as the United States. It was under the teachings of a well-known Hungarian artist, 20 years ago I found my niche. I specialize in equine art, decepting my subjects in realism uncommon with most artists.

I moved to this country in 1993 after my marriage to an American. Since then, I have shown my painting in Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, and North Carolina and South Carolina. I have tried to assemble a wide range of my work for you enjoyment.